Reconnecting in the Aftermath of El Salvador's Civil War: The Joys and Challenges of Finding Family

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May 31, 2012
October 31, 2012


Robert H. Kirschner MD Memorial Human Rights Lecturer Margaret Ward, Emerita Professor, Wellesley College, is the author of Missing Mila, Finding Family: An International Adoption in the Shadow of the Salvadoran Civil War, the story of her son’s adoption from El Salvador and their later connection with his birth family through Asociación Pro-Búsqueda. Nelson Ward de Witt, Margaret’s son, is now a film-maker. He will present excerpts from Identifying Nelson/Buscando Roberto in which he tells the same story from his perspective.

Asociación Pro-Búsqueda was founded by the late Dr. Robert Kirschner and Salvadoran colleagues to reunite Salvadoran families with children adopted abroad during the war years. It was a 1997 call from Dr. Kirschner to the de Witt-Ward family that set in motion this remarkable reunion.

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