Music Theory Between East and West: Opening Ceremony

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November 16, 2011
April 4, 2012
UChicago Creative


Thomas Christensen, professor of Music and the Humanities and Chief Editor of The Cambridge History of Western Music Theory, gives an opening speech for the "Music Theory Between East and West" conference at The University of Chicago's Center in Beijing.

The impetus for this conference was the imminent publication of a Chinese translation of the Cambridge History of Western Music Theory. While the "theory" of music in Chinese culture may be traced back several millennia, only in the past 20 years has music theory developed as a topic of study in the country. Its study is closely tied to the rejuvenation of the music conservatories in Chinese music education.

Professor Zhao Talimu, Organizing Committee Director and President of the China Conservatory of Music; Professor Li Xi'an of the China Conservatory of Music; and Professor Lei Guangyao, Vice President of Xinghai Conservatory of Music, also gave speeches at the conference's opening ceremony.

The conference took place over three days and went beyond the topics raised by this book, to explore the relation between Western and Eastern approaches to music theory.