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  • Jeremy Manier

    Executive Director of News and Public Affairs
    University Communications
    (773) 702-8187

  • Steve Koppes

    Associate Director, News
    News Office, University Communications
    (773) 702-8366

    Physical Sciences, Molecular Engineering, Social Sciences, and the School of School of Social Service Administration
  • Laurie Davis

    Associate Director, Content
    News Office, University Communications
    (773) 702-8353

  • Susie Allen

    News Officer for Arts and Humanities
    News Office, University Communications
    (773) 702-4009

    Arts and Humanities

    Covers the Division of the Humanities, UChicago Arts, the Divinity School, the Library, and the Oriental Institute.

  • Mary Abowd

    News Officer for Campus and Student Life
    News Office, University Communications
    (773) 702-8383

    Campus and Student Life

    Covers undergraduate and graduate student and faculty affairs.

  • Wen Huang

    News Officer for Law, Policy, and Economics
    News Office, University Communications
    (773) 702-8356

    Law, Policy and Economics
  • Michi Gupta

    Digital Engagement Strategist
    News Office, University Communications
    (773) 702-5071

  • Mike Drapa

    Web Editor
    News Office, University Communications
    (773) 702-8315

  • Ryan Goodwin

    Editorial Assistant
    News Office, University Communications
    (773) 834-5425

  • Calmetta Coleman

    Director of Communications for Civic Engagement
    University Communications
    (773) 702-4254

  • Sarah Nolan

    Director of International Communications
    University Communications
    (773) 702-8378

  • Nora Semel

    Director of Communications for the Visitor Experience and the Arts
    University Communications
    (773) 702-7835

  • Lorna W.S. (Lim) Wong

    Director of Media Relations
    The University of Chicago Medicine
    (773) 702-0025

    Covers the University of Chicago Medical Center.

  • Susan Guibert

    Executive Director of Media Relations and Communications
    The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
    (773) 702-9232

    Covers the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

  • Scott Budeselich

    Assistant Athletic Director, Sports Information and Promotion
    Physical Education and Athletics, Campus & Student Life
    (773) 834-0082

    Covers physical education and athletics.


The University of Chicago News Office
Edward H. Levi Hall
5801 South Ellis Avenue, Suite 120
Chicago, Illinois 60637

General Inquiries

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About the News Office

The News Office provides these services for University faculty and administrators:

  • Communications planning for announcements such as academic and building projects.
  • Strategic planning to reach media in order to call attention to important scholarly work: Suggesting approaches to work with media, preparing media advisories, writing news releases, and contacting targeted media outlets.
  • Assistance in editing and pitching op-ed pieces to major newspapers.
  • Counsel on planning media coverage for events.
  • Media training to help faculty and administrators deal effectively with interviews.
  • Assistance with radio interviews, including high quality broadcast interviews done via an ISDN line.